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  Sarah Julian - Civil Celebrant
A New Baby!
What an amazing privilege to welcome a new baby 
into the lives of friends and family!
Although Sarah no longer conducts Naming Giving Ceremonies, 
she would like to say thank you to the following families for having her 
attend and conduct their child's special day...
Jen Sargeant & Damien Ots
Baby Lachlan David
Alesha Urquhart & Jake Kenney
Baby Charlee Brooke Maree
Coleen Royal & Dean King
Baby Oscar Phillip Charles
Sophie Cassells & Dwayne Holtzhausen
Baby Clare Theda
Jerry Hanson & Patrick Smith
Baby Nakyha Rose-Elizabeth
Sally & Rob Herder
Baby Ecko Jast
Kellee & Tait Burrows
Baby Zachary Tait
Jasmin & Shaun Polley
Baby Tahlia Lea 
Zoey Bailey & Codey Green
Baby Ashten Wayne
Jodi & James Landers
Baby Jace Jay

Amie & Bradley Fletcher
Baby Melita Rosalie 

Lauren Prestwidge & Chase Semple
Baby Bodie Thomas Clive

Hayley Spiteri
Baby Ryder Dean

Jodi & James Landers
Baby Jayniah Ann

Lindsay & Todd Woolnough
Baby Blake Macarthur & Miss Amara

Kathleen & Mark Simmons
Baby Cassey Anne Maria

Kaysie-Lee Duncombe
Ruby Rose Duncombe

Fiona Thrift & Toby Woolnough
Baby Xavier Leslie Ray

Rhiannon Wilkinson & Clint Tull
Baby Maddison Lea Tull

Jenna & Mitchell Maconachie
Baby Kaiden James Maconachie

Erin & Julian Wright
Baby Isaac Dallas Wright

Felicity & Dominic
Baby Joseph William Tyas & Baby Alixandra Kendall Rose

Casey & Aaron Wilson
Baby Isla Isabelle Wilson

Juliana & Kane Lean
Baby Taleisa Ruth Lean

Brooke & Patrick Wood
Baby Taylor Jade Wood &
Baby Connor James Wood

Toni Croker & Nathan Birchall
Baby Matilda Jayne Birchall

Sarah McIntyre & Ben Mathers
Master Jack Erik Mathers

Kara & David Hardaker
Baby Lilly Grace Hardaker

Katie Gilbert & Chad Hamill
Baby Kayden James Gilbert

Terri Tyson & Phillip Corrigan
Baby Rhys John Corrigan

Tara & Shane Armstrong
Baby Harrison William

Kellee & Tait Burrows
Baby Harley Michael

Katie & Michael Drosd
Baby Arlia Anne

Amy McKey & Timothy Hill
Baby Amber Tiona

Zoey & Codey Green
Baby Spencer Cruz

Renee & Erin Harris
Baby Nixon Joseph

Kaysie-Lee Duncombe
Baby Hudson John

Kara & David Hardaker
Baby Tayla Jane

Louise Quinlan & Marcus Pettett + Kristine & Camron Mason
Babies Adaline Cheryl-Ann Pettett + Aydrian Paul Mason

Destiny & Scott Grosvenor
Baby River Hayes 

Lauren & Chase Semple
Baby Harlan James Lee

Melissa & Benjamin Welsh
Baby Ari James

Lauren & Chase Semple
Baby Tully Chase Gregory

Kris & Camron Mason
Baby Sophia Rose

May the love that these families have for their children, continue to shine through them their entire lives... 

x o x o